CAD Services

Hemminger Data Management Services has a proven expertise in CAD services on various platforms. Our CAD related services are various like:

  • Raster to vector conversion                       
  • Drafting and digitizing of building related information   
  • HVAC and electrical utility drawings 
  • Gross floor area calculation 

The entire cycle including comprehensive scanning, conversion and plotting on all common platforms according to customer specifications can be covered.
Pure digitizing services -on screen digitizing, QC or with conventional digitizing techniques- can be rendered very cost effective according to the customer’s needs.


Case studies of CAD Services include:

  • PDF to CAD conversion of Single Line Diagram (SLD) for electrical control panels, which include digitization
    of relays and bus bar synchronization.
  • Digitization of floor plans for approx. 600 buildings/apartments for the purpose of area and rent calculation of available flats and to demonstrate the vacant flats for a city in Bavaria, Germany.
  • Digitization of floor plans for schools, residential buildings and industry in various parts of Germany.
  • Digitization of historical writings and monumental public architectural drawings, in 1:1 scale to the actual coordinate system (BKS), which make up the iconographic documentation of the archaeological activity emerged in the district of Eanna during Uruk periods VI-IV in 3000 BC.
  • Incorporation of field sketches to create maps for a facility management system of several hospitals in the
    city of Berlin, Germany