Geospatial Services

Hemminger Data Management Services is well equipped in providing geospatial services by working towards the legacy system existing in the client’s premises where we propose and design the procedures required for our clients. We have vast experience in the support, data migration and data maintenance of various Network Information Systems (NIS) for energy providers and supply companies in Europe. Our success results from good quality, effective process and affordable solutions provided to our major clients by the unique blend of highly specialized GIS professionals.
The range of service offerings include


  • Thematic Mapping

  • Geo-Referencing

  • Land Base Development

  • Data Capturing

  • Data Migration

  • Data Maintenance

  • Quality Check / Quality Assurance 

Electric Utility Mapping

GIS enabled solution, as a host of utility mapping for electric industry, has set an example to all the remaining industries in providing various unified systems by integrating information from various sources into a common platform.
Advantages of GIS in electric industry illustrate energy audits, distribution network and asset management, consumer analysis and report, demand forecast of the distribution companies and enable the client to efficiently maintain and manage the network data.
We provide offline and online data maintenance services through remote applications with high speed internet services from our national backbone.

Case studies of Utility Mapping:

  • Creation of thematic maps for European countries from real world coordinates to global coordinate systems, which includes village boundaries, district boundaries, postal code information, electric & gas energy providers of each district.

  • Capturing of missing streets, plot boundaries and buildings in the garden colonies of Berlin for an electrical utility company in Germany.

  • Data capturing of electrical cables and conduits used for protecting the cables with all topological node points for a major energy provider in Europe. The mapping was based on the existing land base and included all node points as substations, stations, distributors and relevant sleeves for all kind of voltage ranges.

  • Data maintenance and working orders for major electrical companies in East and Southern Germany.

  • Data maintenance for municipal water and gas networks for small and mid-range providers

  • Utility mapping and data maintenance of district heat networks for major cities and districts in Germany with the help of remote access.